20th June 2024 SafeInfluencer is accepting early adopters Contact Sales

Evaluate influencers before partnering up

Learn more about who you choose to advertise with. Get a detailed report about possible conflict of interests. Avoid drama before it happens.

we scan influencer's past activity

and analyse it with chosen metrics

Hate Speech

Our analysys includes discriminations and hate speech.



We will find any political statements and opinions.


Your metrics

We are happy to extend our systems to find information important for your business


we flag 🚩 suspicious posts

AI analyze hunders of image and video posts so you don't have to

Astronaut in the air

No suprises

Select all topics that are important for you and your bussiness, this will be especially covered in the report.

Astronaut in the air

Analyze the past

Choose how much back you want to go from 3 months to 2 years (that's a lot of data processing)!

Astronaut in the air

Calculated risk

Understand the risk, or change influencers. Consult with the brand safety officer.

Brand safety on autopilot.

Close more campaigns and build trust while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work.